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New Radial Arm Drill Press Machines

Need a huge drilling machine to put holes in large parts or hard to reach places? Then a Radial Arm Drill Press is the machine for you. We have models large enough to reach 62 inches (1580mm) and drill a 2 1/2 inch (63mm hole). Scroll down to see many different sizes from two different manufacturers. Most ACRA and JET models are in stock. The ACRA radial arm machines are less expensive. Both are manufactured in Taiwan.

New to drill presses? A drill press is used to cut round holes into or through metal, wood, or other materials. Radial Arm models are for large capacity work. Drilling machines use a twist drill tool that has cutting edges at its point. This cutting tool is held in the drill press by a chuck or Morse taper and is rotated and fed into the workpiece. Drilling machines may be used to perform other operations such as countersinking, boring, counterboring, spot facing, reaming, and tapping (threading). Drill press operators must know how to set up the work, set speed and feed, and provide coolant/lubricant. Want to learn more about drilling techniques?

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ACRA Radial Arm Drill Presses

Radial Arm Drill Press photo of ACRA FRD-1300H

These machines are designed for drilling, tapping and reaming large size parts. The clamping table is very useful for clamping parts in position or for mounting fixtures and jigs to locate your parts. Heavy duty frame eliminates vibration. The headstock gears are made of hardened and ground alloy steel. The spindle is hardened and precision ground to be perfectly balanced and rigidly mounted on three precision radial antifriction bearings, with two axial bearings for thrust loads. The drilling spindle position is adjustable on a scale using a dial with a positive stop. The traversing head moves on the finely ground guide-ways. Upper guide-way is flat and lower guide way is dovetail type. The cooland system tank is inside the base of the machine with used coolant directed back into the tank. Quality manufactured in Taiwan.

High quality ACRA brand Radial Arm Drill Press machines have fantastic prices and are normally in stock and ready to ship from our warehouse. So click to request a quote below. Filling out the request form will take just a minute.

ACRA Radial Drill Specs FRD-900S
Normally in stock
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Normally in Stock
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Normally in Stock
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Normally in Stock
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Drilling Capacity
in Steel
38mm[1.50"] 50mm[2"] 55mm[2.125"] 55mm[2.125"]
Drilling Capacity
in Cast Iron
50mm[2"] 60mm[2.375"] 66mm[2.50"] 66mm[2.50"]
Tapping Capacity
in Steel
19mm[3/4"] 25mm[1"] 30mm[1.18"] 50mm[2"]
Tapping Capacity
in Cast Iron
30mm[1.18"] 36mm[1.42"] 60mm[2.375"] 60mm[2.375"]
Boring Capacity
in Steel
75mm[3"] 85mm[3.35"] 100mm[4"] 126mm[5"]
Spindle Stroke 200mm[7.875"] 250mm[9.875"] 250mm[9.875"] 250mm[9.875"]
Size of Morse Taper MT#4 MT#4 MT#5 MT#5
Spindle Speed
88-1500 (6) 44-1500 (12) 44-1500 (12) 30-1500 (12)
Spindle Feeds 0.05/0.09/0.15 0.05/0.09/0.15 0.05-0.306 (6) 0.05-0.306 (6)
Column Diameter 210mm[8.25"] 300mm[11.875"] 300mm[11.875"] 336mm[13.25"]
Min Distance
column surface to
spindle center
290mm[11.875"] 330mm[13"] 550mm[21.75"] 400mm[15.75"]
Max Distance
column surface to
spindle center
920mm[36.22"] 1145mm[45"] 1240mm[48.82"] 1700mm[66.93"]
Horizontal travel
of drilling head
650mm 810mm 920mm 1310mm
Max Distance
base to spindle
1110mm 1230mm 1230mm 1420mm
Min Distance
base to spindle
282mm 540mm 540mm 260mm
Size of Table
(length x width x height)
550 x 405 x 315mm 650 x 500 x 410mm 650 x 500 x 410mm 800 x 540 x 400mm
Spindle Drive Motor 2 HP 3 HP 5 HP 7.5 HP
Arm Elevation Motor 1 HP 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP
Coolant Pump Motor 1/8 HP 1/8 HP 1/8 HP 1/8 HP
Oil Pump Motor - - 1 HP 1 HP
Shpping Weight of Machine 1270 kg 2100 kg 2250 kg 3250 kg
Shipping Size
of Machine
(L x W x H)
1580x820x2060mm 2010x1030x2230mm 2290x1100x2230mm 2850x1210x2540mm

JET Radial Arm Drill Press Features

The power train gears and spline shaft are made of the finest quality, heat treated and ground nickel-chrome steel, giving extra strength and smoothness to high torque loads The spindle is made of the finest case hardened steel for extra strength and wear The spindle is supported by double row taper roller and thrust ball bearings at the nose, with thrust and radial axis bearings at the top. The spindle is built to withstand exceptionally heavy drilling and boring loads and to insure maximum accuracy. Push button controls are all reduced to 110 Volts. Electrical circuits are located in the built-in control box at the rear of the arm. This keeps the contols dust and humidity free while making them easily accessible for maintenance. Entire frame is made of Meehanite and high tensile strength cast iron to handle the heaviest of jobs. Built in work light. Coolant pump. Tool kit. Box table.

Extra features included for models J-1100R, J-1230R and J-1600R:

  • Arm raising safety device prevents arm from dropping.
  • Counter balanced mechanism for spindle return
  • 12 speeds/3 feed rates make exotic materials easier to drill, bore and tap
  • Centralized control center
  • Automatic tool ejector
  • Hydraulic head and column clamping
Photo of Jet J-720R Radial Drill Press

Jet J-720R Radial Drill Press

Picture of Jet J-1230R Radial Arm Drill Press

Jet J-1230R Radial Drill Press

Image of Jet J-1600R Radial Drill Press

Jet J-1600R Radial Drill Press

JET Radial Drill Specs J-720R
Normally in Stock
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Normally in Stock
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Normally in Stock
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Number of speeds
& range
6 (88 - 1500) 12 12
Number of
feed rates
3 3 3
Motor 220V/440V
3 HP 2.5 to 5 HP 7.5 HP
Spindle Taper MT-4 MT-4 MT-5
Max Distance
Spindle to Table
26-3/4" 37-1/2 47-3/8
T-Slots 3 @ 3/4" 3 @ 3/4" 3 @ 7/8
Column Diameter 8-1/4" 11-13/16" 17
Drilling Capacity in Cast Iron 2" 2-5/16 2-5/16
Drilling Capacity
in Mild Steel
1-1/2" 1-7/8 2-1/2
Tapping Capacity
in Cast Iron
1" 1-1/2 2-3/8
Tapping Capacity
in Mild Steel
3/4" 1 2
Boring Capacity
in Cast Iron
4" 4-3/4 7-3/8
Boring Capacity
in Mild Steel
2-3/8" 3-3/8 5
Distance Column
to Spindle-Max
29-1/2" 46 62-1/4
Distance Column
to Spindle-Min
8-5/8" 13-3/4 13-3/8
Distance Base
to Spindle - Max
41-3/4" 54 63
Distance Base
to Spindle - Min
9-5/8" 19-3/8 15
Travel of
Head Horizontal
- 35 -
Arm Travel Vertical 23-13/16" 35 33-15/32
Quill Travel 8-21/32" 9-7/8 14-9/16
Quill Travel
using Powerfeed
8-1/4" 9-7/16 13
Quill Down
feed Rates
3 (.002, .004, .006") 3 (.002, .004, .006) 6 (.003 - .038 IPR)
Elevating Motor 1 HP 1 HP 2 HP
Coolant Pump Motor 1/8 HP 1/8 HP 1/8 HP
Table Size 23.62 X 17.5 X 15 25 x 20.5 x 16.3 27.9 X 19.6 X 15.75
Overall Dimensions
L x W x H
64Long x 32wide x 85high 68 x 28 x 110 98 x 41 x 125
Gross Weight, Lbs 2970 4620 11240

Birmingham Radial Arm Drill Press

Birmingham Radial Drill Press available in 5 models

Model TPR-1230 comes with Electric Head Clamping or optional Hydraulic Clamping

  • Extra Auxiliary Dial for Spindle Feed Depth
  • Arm Raising and Limit Safety Devices
  • Spindle Balance Mechanism
  • Coolant Pump
  • Work Light
  • Box Table
  • Tool Set
  • 12 week lead time
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Column Diameter 8.25"
Column to spindle
Column to spindle
Spindle head travel 20.87"
Arm elevating height 23.81"
Box Table area 23.5" x 17.5" x 15"
25" x 20.5" x 15"
Base Dimensions 49.5" x 25.2" x 6.3"
68" x 28" x 6.5"
Spindle Taper MT4 MT4 MT4 MT4 MT4
Spindle Stroke 8.25" 8.25" 8.25" 9" 9.87"
Spindle RPM (6) 88, 154, 282, 455, 796, 1500 (12) 44 to 1500
Main Motor 2 HP 2 HP 2 HP 3 HP 3 HP
Elevating Motor 1 HP 1 HP 1 HP 1 HP 1 HP
Hole Capacity
Drilling Steel 1.5" 1.5" 1.5" 1.62" 1.62"
Drilling Cast Iron 2" 2" 2" 2.18" 2.18"
Tapping Steel 1" 1" 1" 1" 1"
Tapping Cast Iron 1.25" 1.25" 1.25" 1.5" 1.5"
Boring Steel 2.75" 2.75" 2.75" 3.38" 3.38"
Boring Cast Iron 4" 4" 4" 4.75" 4.75"