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Chicago Dreis & Krump Hydraulic Press Brake machines and Edwards Shop Press with Brake Tooling

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To bend metal, Press Brake machines normally use a wedge shaped upper die that force the metal down into the V shaped lower die to bend metal to conform with the tooling.

Click for 4 pages of standard Press Brake Dies. A Back Gauge can position the metal exactly where you want it, and the Ram Depth Control is used to stop the upper die at the correct depth down into the lower die to form the angle desired. Sophisticated tooling can be used to form several bends simultaneously. The size of machine required is normally determined by the thickness of the metal and width of the bottom V-die used.

Air Bending is when the upper die (punch) pushes the metal down into the bottom die without bottoming the metal into the bottom die. When the punch is raised, the metal retracts a little from the air bend position. The amount of the retraction is the spring-back. The amount of spring back depends on the type of metal, the thickness, grain direction and hardness. You should expect less than 5 degrees of spring back unless you are bending a hard metal like stainless steel. Expect the inner bend radius to be slightly greater than the radius of the punch. Air bending is the method normally when calculating the tonnage required. Click for our Press Brake Tonnage Chart Chart to estimate the size machine you need.

Bottoming (or Coining) is when the upper die (punch) pushes the metal all the way down into and against the bottom die. This causes the metal to take the shape of the die set and results in very little spring back. Coining happens if you push the metal down hard into the bottom die. The minimum inner radius of the metal should be equal to at least one metal thickness. Warning: Coining can easily crack brittle metals such as aircraft aluminum. Coining requires more tonnage from your brake press machine than does bottoming which requires more tonnage than does air bending.

Chicago Dries & Krump brake presses use American style tooling and come with a simple 2-Axis CNC controlled back gage and ram die depth control with a 16 bend memory to easily form your simple or complex parts jobs again and again. 99 jobs can be saved in memory. To program the memory you simply make your first part manually and save the ram depth and back gauge positions in the CNC memory. Whenever you make the same part again the machine knows what to do. You just have to position the metal against the back gauge. Metal forming can also be done in a manual mode for single parts.

Click if you are looking for an electric-hydraulic power leaf brake machine to fold your metal.

NOTE: Safety devices such as Light Curtains are strongly recommended to prevent fingers and hands from getting crushed especially for predictable repeat uses. Safety compliance is the users responsibility. Please take it seriously.

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Click for chart of tensile strengths for aluminum and stainless steel to compare with mild steel Click for a Bend Radius Chart for aluminum and stainless steel

Chicago Dreis & Krump Hydraulic Press Brake

American Machine Tools Corp. is an authorized North American distributor for Chicago Dreis & Krump  Press Brakes, Leaf Brakes, Box and Pan brakes bend sheet metal and plate Chicago Dreis & Krump hydraulic brake press with NC control

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Easy NC program for ram height and back gauge. We sell the die sets too; 90°, 86°, 30°, hemming, goose neck, special purpose, etc.

  • 2-Axis NC controls back gage and ram depth of up to 16 bends per job. Memory for 99 different jobs.
  • NC back gauge is ball screw driven with vertical height adjustment.
  • All steel welded construction.
  • Tonnage indicator with adjustable load control
  • Sectional ram clamping bars.
  • Adjustable slow down switch.
  • Die holder.
  • Mechanical leveling - torsion bar.
  • Electronic stroke counter.
  • Full length dovetail slot.
  • Deflection compensator built into bed top.
  • Operator hand rail
  • Click for Pressure Table to figure the size machine you need
  • Click to see Brake Press Dies
Chicago D & K
Model Number
Tons Overall
Stroke Throat
HPB 4015 45 4' 11" 3' 9" 12" 6" 12" 3 6000
HPB 6020 65 6' 6" 5' 3" 12" 6" 12" 5 8000
HPB 6026 65 8' 6" 7' 12" 6" 12" 5 9000
HPB 6032 65 10' 6" 9' 12" 6" 12" 5 10000
HPB 8020 90 6' 6" 5' 1" 12" 6" 12" 7.5 9000
HPB 8026 90 8' 6" 7' 12" 6" 12" 7.5 11000
HPB 8032 90 10' 6" 9' 12" 6" 12" 7.5 12000
HPB 11026 120 8' 6" 6' 8" 14" 8" 12" 10 14000
HPB 11032 120 10' 6" 8' 8" 14" 8" 12" 10 15000
HPB 11040 120 13' 1" 11' 3" 14" 8" 12" 10 17000
HPB 16032 175 10' 6" 8' 6" 16" 8" 12" 15 21000
HPB 16040 175 13' 1" 11' 1" 16" 8" 12" 15 27000
HPB 22032 240 10' 6" 8' 2" 16" 8" 12" 20 25000
HPB 22040 240 13' 1" 10' 10" 16" 8" 12" 20 30000

Edwards Hydraulic Press & Brake

Photo of Edwards 40 Ton Hydraulic Press with Press Brake Tooling option in place

Choose 40 Tons, 60 Tons, or 110 Tons capacity hydraulic shop press

  • Press Brake Tooling is 32 inches long, as seen in photo can bend 3/16 x 32", 1/4 x 24", 3/8 x 6" mild steel.
  • Made in USA
  • Heavy duty all steel construction
  • Rolling cylinder for maximum versatility.
  • Easy to use hand controls
  • Quick disconnect hoses
  • Cylinder with 6 inch Bore, 4 inch Ram
  • Stroke: 12 1/4"
  • Press Brake tooling can be unbolted and then the machine becomes a 40 ton hydraulic shop press.

40 Ton Machine $10569 with die set and 220 Volts 3 phase hydraulic power unit included.
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60 Ton Machine $13769 with die set and 220 Volts 3 phase hydraulic power unit included.
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110 Ton Machine $17269 with die set and 220 Volts 3 phase hydraulic power unit included.
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  • 440 Volts 3 phase Hydraulic Power Unit costs $95. extra
  • 220 Volts 1 phase Hydraulic Power Unit costs $245. extra