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For rolling sheet metal and plate into semi-circles, cylinder shapes or cones.

Tell us what size and type of metal you need to form and the radius to be formed. You will like our price.

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Interested in curving your sheet metal or plate? Our 3 roll benders work by pinching the metal between two rolls and curving it as it comes in contact with a back forming roll. This curves the metal workpiece into a cylindrical form, where it is welded together to produce a cylinder. The upper roll is in a fixed position, the lower roll has adjustable movement to perform the gripping function. These are the "pinch" rolls. The third roll (the forming roll) is also adjustable. With a manually opened or hydraulically moved drop hinge, the end of the top shaft is opened to allow removal of the finished work piece, especially a completed tube shape. You may also weld the seam while its still on the machine (ground to part with machine power off).

Note: Without alot of skill, on 3 roll machines, it can be difficult to form metal into tubular shapes smaller than 3 times the upper roll diameter when forming near capacity thickness. 1.5 times the upper roll diameter is often the tightest diameter using thinner and narrower metal. Results vary depending on metal thickness, width, tensile strength and on your level of expertise.

Below is a diagram showing how a plate is formed into a tube with a single (initial) pinch plate rolling machine.

This plate rollng diagram shows how a single (initial) pinch bending roll machine works

Single-pinch (initial-pinch) machines are the most common and may require inserting the workpiece into the machine twice in order to prebend both ends to eliminate flat spots when rolling a full tube shape and to ensure better closure of the seam. To prebend the first end, the operator inserts the plate into the machine, which clamps it and pinches it between the top roll and bottom pinch roll. A rear bending roll, moving diagonally toward the top roll, pushes against the metal to bend the radius. The operator then removes the plate from the bender, rotates the plate 180 degrees to insert the second end into the rolls, then rolls the cylinder to completion. Recommended maximum thickness (or width instead) for prebending is usually 3/4 of the capacity of the machine. Bending thickness can be increased slightly if rolling a narrower width. Consult American Machine Tools Company for advice.

Double pinch pyramid machines can prebend both ends of a plate with a single insertion into the bending machine, for reduction in material handling and time. But they cost more and cannot roll as tight a diameter. The wide opening between the rolls allows heavy plate to be rolled. On double pinch machines, the top roll position is fixed and the two lower rolls move in a straight path or an arc toward the top roll. Expensive 4 roll versions can accurately roll metal to tighter diameters and can do it in one pass through because the metal is always held by pinch roll while the 3rd and 4th rolls take turns curving the metal. There also exists 2 roll machines where the top roll is steel and the bottom roll is usually urethane covered. These are custom made for production purposes and have an very expensive price.

Forming a full tube shape should have little if any gap in the middle of the seam due to the "crowning" of the rolls. Crowning is where the rolls are slightly larger diameter in the middle which compensates for deflection under load. If the crowning is not enough try wrapping and taping a piece of shim stock around the middle 12" of the bending roll to over-compensate for deflection. Crowning has a side effect of causing very thin metal to have a gap at the ends. If a gap occurs, either in the middle or the ends, it can be pulled together using a ratchet strap, come-along, clamps or the vise grips with chain attachment. If you want to roll thick flat bar, pipe, tubing, angle iron or channel into a curve then go to Pipe and Structural Shape Bending machines.

On most of our machines, rolling a sheet metal cone shape can be formed by pre-cutting a flat metal blank with the correct inner and outer radius to form the cone (funnel) shape wanted. Usually the blank is fed on one side so that the inner radius can be held against a cone rolling attachment. The inner radius is supposed to go thru slower than the outer radius. The bending roll position should be independently adjusted lower on on the drive side to match the taper of cone. Cones take a lot of time to make. Contact an American Machine Tools sales engineer for more information.

NOTE: Powered roll machines are very dangerous if used carelessly because they can crush fingers, hands, etc. Always keep hands, fingers, hair and clothing clear. Safety guarding or devices such as Light Curtains are recommended for predictable repeat uses. Safety compliance is the users responsibility. Please take it seriously.

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Capacity increases with soft aluminum and decreases with stainless steel.

Click for chart of tensile strengths for aluminum and stainless steel (to calculate equivalent machine capacity).

Thickness Conversion Chart - Sheet Metal Gauge to thickness in inches and metric

26 ga 24 ga 22 ga 20 ga 18 ga 16 ga 14 ga 13 ga 12 ga 11 ga 10 ga 9 ga 8 ga 7 ga 6 ga
.018" .024" .030" .036" .048" .060" .075" .090" .105" .120" .135" .150" .164" .180" .194"
.46mm .61mm .76mm .91mm 1.2mm 1.5mm 1.9mm 2.3mm 2.7mm 3mm 3.4mm 3.8mm 4mm 4.6mm 4.9mm

Chicago Dreis & Krump Hand Operated Slip Rolls

Its hard to make portable slip roll machinery that can out perform Chicago Dreis & Krump. 3 sizes to choose from. We also offer a little 12 inch long machine with 1 inch diameter rolls from another company for $345.

Chicago Dreis & Krump hand operated Slip Roll machine Slip Rolls
Call 773-334-5000
to order a machine
Price Capacity
Mild Steel
Wire Grooves Gearing
SR-2420 $750 24" x 20" gauge 2" 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" 1:1 145 Lbs
SR-3622 $850 36" x 22" gauge 2" 1/4", 5/16", 3/8" 1:1 200 Lbs
includes Stand
$2590 50" x 16" gauge 3" 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" 3:1 530 Lbs

Electric Powered Slip Rolls Machine

Photo of Birmingham Electric Powered Slip Rolls. Foot pedal is included but not shown in the photo. Foot pedal with forward and reverse pedals. Rolls stop when pedal is released.

Birmingham Slip Roll Machine

Jet Electric Slip Roll Machine. Foot pedal with forward and reverse pedals. Rolls stop when pedal is released.

Jet Slip Roll Machine

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  • Rolls are turned, ground, and polished high grade carbon steel.
  • Gear driven top roll.
  • Front mounted handle to lift upper roll for to remove your parts
  • 3 wire grooves for rolling 5/16", 3/8", 1/2" wire diameters.
  • Emergency stop bar mounted on front and back
  • Removable foot pedal control (not shown in photo).
  • Working Length: 50" (1270mm)
  • Rolling Thickness: 16 Gauge = .06" (1.5mm) mild steel
  • Roll Diameters: 3" (76.20mm)
  • Minimum Rolling Diameter: 6" (152.40mm)
  • Motor: 1 HP, 220 volts, 3 phase
  • Rolling Speed: 22 feet per minute


  • 220 volts, 1 or 3 phase machine $3295. from JET - China Mfr
  • 220 volts, 3 phase machine $2995. from Birmingham - Taiwan
  • 220 volts, 1 phase machine $3995. from a Taiwan Mfr.
  • 220 volts, 1 phase machine $2250. from a Chinese Mfr.
  • 220 volts, 3 phase machine $1995. from a Chinese Mfr.

Click to see a JET VIDEO of this machine

GMC Single Pinch Bending Rolls

Plate bending roll photo Foot pedal with forward and reverse pedals. Rolls stop when pedal is released. Photo shows the bending roll machine with the optional orange deflector cover. Foot pedal with forward and reverse pedals. Rolls stop when pedal is released.

Photo shows machine with optional orange guide cover

Top roll swings open

Photo shows how top roll swings open

Photo shows grooves to roll round rod and roller to help make cones

Photo shows cone former and 3 grooves

Digital Readout of bending roll position to help repeat the same settings

Photo shows optional Digital Readout

  • A lot of rolling ability for very little money
  • 3/8", 1/2" and 5/8" grooves at one end of rolls allow rolling of wire, round rod or beaded sheet metal
  • Double foot pedals for forward and reverse
  • Machine stops when foot pedal is released
  • Adjustable cone roller attachment included
  • Manual Handwheel for pinch roll adjustment
  • Manual Handwheel for bending roll adjustment
  • Optional push button electric bending roll adjustment with digital readout is available at extra cost
  • Optional orange metal guide cover available for extra cost
  • Good lower cost machine for low volume use
  • Made in Taiwan
Machine Capacity Dia of
Choose machine to
request a quote for
PBR0412 48" x 12" gauge 3.5" Click to request this Quote
PBR0418 48" x 7" gauge 4.75" Click to request this Quote
PBR0425 48" x 1/4" 5.75" Click to request this Quote
PBR0510 60" x 10" gauge 4.75" Click to request this Quote
PBR0610 80" x 10" gauge 5" Click to request this Quote
PBR0810 98" x 10" gauge 6" Click to request this Quote
PBR1010 120" x 10" gauge 6.7" Click to request this Quote

Birmingham 3-Roll Single-Pinch Hydraulic Plate Bending Rolls

Photo of Birmingham intial pinch sheet metal plate rolling machine View of the foot pedal and the electrical cabinet. Foot pedal stand has push buttons and forward and reverse pedals. Rolls stop when pedal is released.
  • Electrical control cabinet.
  • Photo shows moveable push button console with forward and reverse foot pedals. Rolls stop when pedal is released.
Top roll swivel out mechanism
  • Photo shows top roll being swiveled out (for removing a completely formed tube).
  • Bending roll is moved by hydraulic cylinders via push button controls.
  • Digital readout indicates bending roll position to help you make repeat parts.

All 3 rolls driven hydraulically. Crowned alloy steel rolls. Foot control (not shown) with forward and reverse. Bending roll is hydraulically powered up and down with digital readout showing position. Bending roll cylinders adjust in synch or independently to help if making cones. Optional custom made attachment helps forming of cone shapes. Good medium use machine made in Taiwan.

Click to see Video of Bending Roll

Machine Capacity Diameter
of Rolls
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a quote for a machine
R-0440H 51" X 8 gauge 4.75" Click for R0440H Quote
R-0535H 61" x 10 gauge 4.75" Click for R0535H Quote
R-0625H 80" x 12 gauge 4.75" Click for R0625H Quote
R-0465H 51" X 1/4 5.87" Click for R0465H Quote
R-0545H 61" x 3/16 5.87" Click for R0545H Quote
R-0640H 80" x 8 gauge 5.87" Click for R0640H Quote
R-0480H 51" X 5/16" 7" Click for R0480H Quote
R-0570H 61" x 9/32"(.28) 7" Click for R0570H Quote
R-0650H 80" x 6 gauge 7" Click for R0650H Quote
R-0830H 100" x 1/8 8" Click for R0830H Quote
R-0845H 100" x 3/16" 8" Click for R0845H Quote

Chicago Dreis & Krump 3-Roll Single Pinch Hydraulic Plate Bending Rolls

American Machine Tools Corp. is an authorized North American distributor for Chicago Dreis & Krump Hand Brakes, Box and Pan brakes for bending sheet metal DK Plate Roll Photo of Pendent with forward / reverse buttons Picture shows hydraulic powered opening of roll end Photo of control panel with digital readout showing bending roll position

All push button operation! The lower pinch roll has our special hydraulic powered "quick gap set" which is a real time saver for metal thickness set up. The pinch roll is also easily tiltable for cone rolling. An adjustable position attachment for making cones is included. Allows for both the stop-start-adjust method or the vice grip holding method of cone rolling. Push button hydraulic opening of the top roll bearing assembly for easy finished part removal. As with all CHICAGO bending rolls, the frames are made of extra heavy welded steel construction. The rolls are made from forged steel and heat treated to RC45. Heavy duty spherical roller bearings on all three rolls minimize friction loss. The rear bending roll is equipped with a GOTO LED digital readout indicating its position for accurate repeat forming. Positioning of the rear bending roll is done hydraulically via push buttons and allows the operator to tilt it for cone forming. An emergency stop button and keylock on/off power switch are centrally located on the control panel. Excellent machine for frequent use.

  • Hydraulic powered bending roll adjustment.
  • Push button GO-TO Positioning of bending roll with Digital Readout for easy repeat parts.
  • Push button Hydraulic powered pinch roll adjustment.
  • Push button Hydraulic powered opening of top roll for finished part removal.
  • Hydraulic powered tilting of bending roll.
  • Forged steel rolls hardened to RC45.
  • Cone forming attachment included.
  • Push button pendant control.
  • Spherical roller bearings on all 3 roll shafts.
  • Heavy duty reinforced welded steel frame.
  • Emergency stop cable around the machine.
  • Keyed main on-off switch.
  • Good machine for frequent use.

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Machine Capacity Diameter
of Rolls
Click below to request
a quote for a machine
IPR-4075 14 gauge x 50" 3.1" Click for IPR4075 Quote
IPR-4120 11 gauge x 50" 3.9" Click for IPR4120 Quote
IPR-4160 9 gauge x 50" 4.7" Click for IPR4160 Quote
IPR-4250 1/4 x 50" 6.3" Click for IPR4250 Quote
IPR-4375 3/8 x 50" 7" Click for IPR4375 Quote
IPR-4560 9/16 x 50" 7.9" Click for IPR4560 Quote
IPR-5060 16 gauge x 61" 3.1" Click for IPR5060 Quote
IPR-5090 13 gauge x 61" 3.9" Click for IPR5090 Quote
IPR-5125 1/8 x 61" 4.7" Click for IPR5125 Quote
IPR-5250 1/4 x 61" 6.3" Click for IPR5250 Quote
IPR-5312 5/16 x 61" 7" Click for IPR5312 Quote
IPR-5375 3/8" x 61" 7.9" Click for IPR5375 Quote
IPR-6075 14 gauge x 72" 4.7" Click for IPR6075 Quote
IPR-6187 3/16 x 72" 6.3" Click for IPR6187 Quote
IPR-6250 1/4 x 72" 7" Click for IPR6250 Quote
IPR-6375 3/8 x 72" 7.9" Click for IPR6375 Quote
IPR-8125 1/8 x 96" 6.3" Click for IPR8125 Quote
IPR-8187 3/16 x 96" 7" Click for IPR8187 Quote
IPR 8250 1/4 x 96" 7.9" Click for IPR8250 Quote
IPR10160 9 gauge x 120" 7" Click for IPR10160 Quote

Birmingham 3-Roll Double-Pinch Hydraulic Plate Bending Roll Machine

Photo of Birmingham double pinch sheet metal plate rolling machine Each pinch roll has digital readout showing roll position Heavy duty drop end is tilted hydraulically at the outboard end of the top roll journal for easy removal of your finished part.
  • All 3 rolls hydraulically driven independently.
  • Digital Readouts of 2 lower roll positions.
  • Hardened and ground alloy steel rolls.
  • Rolls have pressure compensating camber.
  • Sealed spherical roller bearings.
  • Hydraulic powered bending roll adjustment.
  • Digital Readout Positioning of bending roll.
  • Push button Hydraulic powered pinch roll adjustment.
  • Push button Hydraulic powered opening of top roll for finished part removal.
  • Push button pendant control of forward/reverse.
  • Spherical roller bearings on all 3 roll shafts.
  • Heavy duty reinforced welded steel frame.
  • Emergency stop cable around the machine.
  • Optional Cone Bending attachment available.
  • Optional Infinitely variable rolling speeds available
Machine Capacity Diameter
of Rolls
Click below to request
a quote for a machine
RH-0506 61" x 1/4 8" Click for RH0506 Quote
RH-0606 80" x 1/4 8" Click for RH0606 Quote
RH-0805 100" x 6 gauge 8" Click for RH0805 Quote
RH-1004 120" x 7 gauge 8" Click for RH1004 Quote
RH-0508 61" x 5/16" 9" Click for RH0508 Quote
RH-0608 80" x 5/16" 9" Click for RH0608 Quote
RH-0806 100" x 1/4" 9" Click for RH0806 Quote
RH-1005 120" x 6 gauge 9" Click for RH1005 Quote
RH-0510 61" x 3/8" 10" Click for RH0510 Quote
RH-0610 80" x 3/8" 10" Click for RH0610 Quote
RH-0808 100" x 5/16" 10" Click for RH0808 Quote
RH-1006 120" x 1/4" 10" Click for RH1006 Quote
RH-0613 80" x 1/2" 11" Click for RH0613 Quote
RH-0810 100" x 3/8" 11" Click for RH0810 Quote
RH-1008 120" x 5/16" 11" Click for RH1008 Quote
RH-0616 80" x 5/8" 12.25" Click for RH0613 Quote
RH-0813 100" x 1/2" 12.25" Click for RH0813 Quote
RH-1010 120" x 3/8" 12.25" Click for RH1010 Quote

4 Roll Plate Bending/Rolling Machines

PR-603-4R 4 roll machine for rolling metal plate up to 6 foot long

Photo of model #PR-603-4R, 6 foot x 1/4" capacity

Click to Request a Quote(6' Long)

PR-1003-4R 4 roll machine for rolling metal plate up to 10 feet long

Photo of model #PR-1003-4R, 10 foot x 1/4" capacity

Click to Request a Quote(10' Long)

A 4 Roll machine is more expensive but it can roll many parts in one or two passes through the machine accurately and repeatably. Because it has a bending roll on each side it can also roll parts tighter than a standard 3 roll machine. Remove the flat spots at the begining and end of your plate without needing to turn your plate around (like on a single pinch 3 roll) and without losing positioning of your plate (like on a double pinch 3 roll). For frequent plate rolling this is a good choice.

Standard Features:

The top and bottom rolls move the metal though at 16 feet per minute through a planetary gearbox. The bottom pinch roll has a digital readout for repeat positioning for your metal thickness. The machine uses hydraulic cylinders for linear movement of each of the bending rolls. This will help you form tighter diameters with less passes through the machine. A digital readout of each of the bending rolls helps you repeat each of your bending roll locations for repetitive work. The operator control panel is mounted on a pedestal and has your push buttons to control all movements of the machine. The top roll opens via a push button hydraulic control. Emergency stop cables protect both sides of the machine. The machine comes standard at 220 volts, 3 phase electrics but 440 volts is available using an optional transformer.


  • Max Forming Width: 80"
  • Driven Rolls: 2
  • Estimated Roll Speed: 16 fpm. (5 mpm)
  • Upper Roll Diameter: 7"
  • Back Roll Adjustment: Hydraulic
  • Roll Diameter: 7.4"
  • Side Roll Diameter: 5.9"
  • Minimum Forming Dia: 10.6" for thin metal
  • Motor: 4 HP
  • Roll Positioning Motor: 1.5 HP
  • Shipping Weight: 7700 Lbs.
  • Shipping Dimensions: 138" x 43" x 51"


  • Max Rolling Width: 120"
  • Driven Rolls: 2
  • Estimated Roll Speed: 16 fpm. (5 mpm)
  • Upper Roll Diameter: 8.662"
  • Back Roll Adjustment: Hydraulic
  • Side Roll Dia: 7"
  • Minimum Forming Dia: 13" for thin metal
  • Drive Motor: 7 HP
  • Roll Positioning Motor: 2 HP
  • Shipping Weight: 15,840 Lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 197" x 63" x 67"